Archives: Staff Members

Dr Leila Omran
Consultant Gynecology
Dr. Maryam ghoneem
Specialist Orthodontics
Dr. Ameer Dhaher
Specialist General Surgeon
Dr. Ayman Ramadan
General Physician
Dr. Fadi Lahoud
Specialist Orthodontics
Dr. Anas Al-Saleh
Specialist Dermatology
Dr. Asma Harony
General Physician (Dermatology)
Dr. Ghassan Khalifeh
Specialist ENT
Dr. Mohammad
Consultant Orthopedic
Dr. Nasebah Ghanem
Specialist in Rheumatology
Dr. Ayyad Hakim Din
General Physician
Dr. Miral Mustafa
Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Dr. Jamal Jamil
Consultant (A) Urology
Dr. Farouk kishi
Dr. Abdul Rahman Aljabi
Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Dr. Alaa Saleem
Dr. Mirhan M Hasan
Department of Pathology
Dr.Hussein Aladli
General Physician
Dr. Elham Aman Mohamed
General Physician
Dr. Abdul Kader
General Practitioner
Dr. Dhafir Al Badri
Endocrinology/ Diabetology
Dr. Tharwat Salha
Pediatric dentistry
Dr.Lamis Boushi